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Published On 10/13/2023
The Hot Springs Association (HSA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jessica Meath as its new Executive Director, effective October 1, 2023. Jessica’s extensive background in the hot springs industry and her remarkable leadership qualities make her the ideal choice to lead the organization into an exciting new chapter.
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Published On 9/10/2023
Join like-minded hot springs owners and operators from around the world at the fifth Hot Springs Connection conference at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort in southern California on January 8-11, 2024. This interactive event offers informative educational sessions and back-of-the-house site tours of premier properties including Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona and an optional event at The Spa at Séc-he in Palm Springs.

Discussion topics range from sanitation alternatives and geothermal water quality to retrofitting historic facilities. Featured speakers are a microbial physiologist, a geothermal geologist and an internationally recognized leadership trainer.

Sponsored by the Hot Springs Association. Register at
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Published On 6/6/2022
May 16, 2022, Hot Springs, AR – Professionals representing over thirty thermal mineral pools, spas and resorts from coast-to-coast met at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas on May 9-12, 2022 for the fourth Hot Springs Connection conference. This unique event was conducted by the Hot Springs Association which strives to unify and elevate the hot springs industry worldwide.
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Published On 3/28/2022
U.S. and Canadian owners and operators of thermal mineral pools, spas and resorts from coast-to-coast will meet at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas on May 9-12, 2022 for the fourth Hot Springs Connection conference.
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Thermal/Mineral Springs (pandemic loser, future winner): One of the fastest-growing wellness markets from 2017 to 2019, with revenues rising from $56 billion to $64 billion (6.8% annual growth). Hit hard by the pandemic, revenues fell -39% in 2020, shrinking the market to $39 billion. There are now 35,099 hot springs establishments across 130 countries. The downturn is temporary: Very strong 18% annual growth is expected through 2025, with 140-plus new projects in the pipeline.
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Published On 11/1/2021
The Global Wellness Institute’s - Hot Springs Initiative in association with the Hot Springs Association is holding a Global Live Soak event on November 13th, 2021.
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Published On 9/1/2021
Longtime tourism professional Vicky Nash takes the helm as the Executive Director for the Hot Springs Association, the first-ever trade organization specifically established for commercial hot springs facilities in the United States. Specializing in geothermal tourism management and marketing, Nash provides a global perspective and unique expertise in this field.
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Member Spotlight

Published On 10/23/2023
Cloward H2O, a renowned recreational water specialist, is set to attend the 5th annual Hot Springs Connection conference, focusing on hot springs pools and resorts. The company recently engineered major renovations for well-known hot springs resorts like Glenwood Hot Springs, Ouray Hot Springs, and Astoria Hot Springs. With expertise in various aquatic facilities, Cloward H2O addresses challenges in hot springs projects, considering factors like high temperatures, minerals, and sustainable design. As hot springs gain popularity, owners are updating facilities to meet modern sanitation standards and guest expectations. Cloward H2O leverages its 40+ years of experience to provide specialized solutions, optimizing energy use and ensuring successful project outcomes.
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